ANDERS KERN Replacement Projector Lamps / Projector Bulbs / Projector Modules can supply spare and replacement lamps for ANDERS KERN projectors

Please see the list below, or use the pull down list. Once you have found the ANDERS KERN lamp or bulb you require you can easily place an order online or by telephone. If you need to discuss this lamp or any other projector lamp or bulb, you can call us on 01473 279992, or click here for our full contact information.

Current live stock status for lamps for ANDERS KERN projector lamps, bulbs and modules

These stock levels are as accurate as possible, but are subject to short-term fluctuations. Please call if the stock figure for your ANDERS KERN lamp is low.

Credit terms for public bodies for ANDERS KERN lamps, and all other projector lamp and bulb orders

Credit terms are available to education, government, the military and all other public bodies. If you wish to pay on invoice / account and have access to 30 day credit terms, please fax your official purchase order to 01473 279993 or email to

Lamp Part Code: 21 159

Lamp Part Code: LAMP-031 / 60252422 / 21 226

Lamp Part Code: 21 159

Lamp Part Code: LAMP-031 / 60252422 / 21 226

Lamp Part Code: AST-BEAM X220

Lamp Part Code: AST-BEAM X240

Lamp Part Code: AST-BEAM X250

Lamp Part Code: 21 231

Lamp Part Code: DXL 7021

Lamp Part Code: DXL 7025

Lamp Part Code: EMP5350

Lamp Part Code: EMP5600

Lamp Part Code: EMP7600

Lamp Part Code: EMP7700

Lamp Part Code: LVP X390

Lamp Part Code: LVP X400

Lamp Part Code: X70BU